Embarking on Your Abstract Pattern Painting Journey

Embarking on the path to creating abstract pattern paintings can be a thrilling pursuit, filled with endless possibilities for expression and innovation. Hillel Selznick, an abstract artist based in New York, shares essential guidance for those looking to dive into this vibrant art form.

Start with Understanding the Fundamentals

A strong foundation in the basics of abstract art is crucial. Hillel Selznick recommends exploring the rich history of abstract painting, which can provide context and inspiration for your work. His website offers a trove of resources about the evolution of abstract art, techniques, and the materials used by pioneers of the genre.

Play with Color and Form

Abstract art thrives on experimentation. Begin by altering your palette; choose colors that are out of your comfort zone to see how they transform your work. Selznick encourages playing with form as well. Start with simple geometric shapes and then evolve to more complex organic forms. This method allows you to explore the effects of different patterns and structures in your paintings.

Embrace Experimentation

Innovation is at the heart of abstract painting. Selznick urges artists to continuously experiment with new ideas and techniques. Whether it’s through integrating unexpected materials, trying out new brushstrokes, or layering colors in novel ways, each experiment can offer fresh insights and add depth to your artistic practice.

Consistent Practice Leads to Mastery

Improving your technique in abstract pattern painting requires regular practice. Joining workshops and online classes can be immensely helpful, as they provide a platform for learning and receiving feedback from peers and mentors. Art studios and community colleges also offer spaces and resources to practice and connect with other artists.


Starting your journey in abstract pattern painting opens up a world where the rules of traditional painting can be bent or completely disregarded, allowing for personal expression and creative growth. By understanding the basics, experimenting with new techniques, and practicing regularly, you can develop your unique voice in the world of abstract art. Let each painting be a step towards mastering this captivating and liberating art form.

Fore more information visit Hillel’s blog.

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