Exploring the Artworks of Visual Artist Hillel Selznick

Hillel Selznick, a New York-born artist, has made a name for himself with his captivating artwork created using various mediums. His abstract paintings, characterized by brushy layers of alternating colors, are particularly remarkable. With a focus on color, light, and texture, Selznick’s artwork spans a wide range of subjects, showcasing his skill in creating atmospheric and textural images. Let’s delve into the artistic journey of Hillel Selznick and explore his passion for colors, textures, and abstractions.

A Lifelong Passion for Art

From a young age, Hillel Selznick’s passion for art has been an integral part of his life. This creative impulse only grew stronger as he pursued his education at New York University. Throughout his life, Selznick has devoted himself to painting, teaching, and sharing the significance of contemporary art with others. His passion for art has been a driving force behind his artistic exploration and experimentation.


The Artistic Vision of Hillel Selznick

Selznick’s artistic vision is characterized by a delicate balance between the monumental and the intimate. With meticulous focus and care, he emphasizes both the physicality of the materials he uses and the uplifting impact his art can have on humanity. Each meticulously composed work by Selznick contains countless emotional nuances and expressions, offering viewers a profound visual experience.


Exploring Artistic Styles

During his formal training, Hillel Selznick delved into Fauvism and expressionism, which influenced and shaped his evolving eclectic style. Recently, he has been drawn to large-scale contemporary abstractions while occasionally incorporating elements of realism. Through the use of heavy body and fluid acrylic paints, as well as inks, Selznick explores the boundaries of artistic expression.


Hillel Selznick’s Artistic Process

Sketchbooks and sketches play a vital role in Selznick’s artistic process. They serve as the initial step in generating ideas for his paintings, allowing him to explore various compositions. In the past, the composition process itself dictated the forms and elements, undergoing a surrealist evolution without predetermined phases. Selznick’s creative journey is fueled by the direct encounter with a blank canvas.



Hillel Selznick’s mastery of colors, textures, and abstractions is evident in his captivating artwork. With his unique artistic vision and unwavering passion, he continues to captivate audiences through thought-provoking and visually stunning creations. Selznick’s exploration of different mediums and styles showcases his versatility as an artist. As he evolves and continues to push the boundaries of his art, Hillel Selznick leaves an indelible mark on the contemporary art scene.

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